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Hello and thank you for stopping by Voice by Margo

I’ve had the great fortune to work in the music business as a lead and backup singer for the past 20 years. During that time, teaching singers emerged as my passion and gift. And, most important is the opportunity to help people fulfill their deepest yearning: to sing. It’s been a beautiful experience and I cherish each and every relationship with my students.

In developing my craft, here’s what I’ve learned: It takes dedication and hard work beyond anything you ever imagined.

So, if you’re really serious about singing – whether for pleasure or profit – you’ve stopped at the right place!

Margo LeDuc

My session work includes artists such as international performer Sharon Cuneta and hip-hop performer Baby Bash, and I’ve opened for Jay Leno in Las Vegas. Corporate clients include Disney, Wells Fargo, General Electric, BMW, Sun Microsystems and Redken.

Being a vocal coach in both San Francisco and Los Angeles has provided me with a depth and breadth of experience with a variety of singers and music genres. In addition, I’ve also coached artists under contract with Sony Music, Capital Records, Syndrom, MJJ Music, and a variety of other labels. I’m a voting member of the Recording Academy.

Margo LeDuc: The Artist

My vocal approach lends itself to any style or setting. Drawing on powerful, expressive and versatile vocals allows me to perform rock and roll, soulful blues, jazz and everything in between. My style is authentic, dynamic and leaves you wanting more.
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Margo LeDuc: The Vocal Coach

My students tell me that our work together is a transformative experience for both their voices and their lives. That’s because my approach is personal—I view each singer as a whole person—not just a set of vocal chords.

Private lessons with me are about hard work and heart—correcting technical problems and nurturing your creative artist within. - more -

Margo's Revolutionary Vocalator

Designed and developed by Margo, Imagine a tool that enables singers to

  • Know how their instrument should feel for top vocal production
  • Learn how to produce correct vocal tone and more.

- more - See the Vocalator on YouTube.

Voice by Margo CD

I’ve now combined my performance expertise and vocal technical skill to bring you Voice by Margo CD. Voice by Margo CD is a vocal training program designed to

  • Develop your best singing voice
  • Help you to sing without fear
  • Free you to feel what you sing—and sing what you feel

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Margo LeDuc Seminars & Workshops

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Margo LeDuc

For over 20 years Margo LeDuc has performed with some of the top names in music.

Margo singing

Margo’s vocal training CD combines performance expertise and vocal technical skill to help you develop your best voice.

Margo LeDuc singing workshop

Margo’s students learn to sing without fear so the artist within can emerge.

Workshops help singers connect and learn from each other in a safe and supportive environment.







Voice by Margo

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